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HYBRID MATTERs is a two year Nordic art&science network programme which investigates the convergence of the physical and digital world into a hybrid ecologyHYBRID MATTERs is an interdisciplinary and integral programme consisting of artistic research, citizen art&science and artistic field work activities, the production of artworks, a touring exhibition, workshops and a final conference.

HYBRID MATTERs will select two Nordic artists or artist groups who will receive each a production grant of EURO 10.000 to produce a new work for the HYBRID MATTERs touring exhibition in 2016. The exhibitions will be held at Kunsthall Grenland in Porsgrunn/NO (March 2016), Nikolaj Kunsthall in Copenhagen/DK (July 2016) and Forum Box in Helsinki/FI (October 2016). The exhibtions have an own budget for travel, transport and exhibition fee.


Artists from or based in the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Island, Norway, Sweden, Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland.


DEADLINE EXTENDED until Friday 17th of April 2015 24h

Application process

Applications have to be submitted via the online application system.


We are by now familiar with digital media and communication. But the impact of the digitalisation reaches much further. The materiality of digital technology and how it alters and transforms the physical world is increasingly discussed. We begin to register the impact of the digital on our environment and its conditions in relation to new life sciences, technological infrastructure, energy production and techno mineral and fossil fuel extraction.
One can observe an increase in technological mediation of the environment through ubiquitous computing and the digital becomes specifically prevalent in the field of biology and life sciences with key technologies such as synthetic biology. Technological and technologically augmented agency permeates the environment in form of interfaces, machines, sensors or genetically modified organisms.

Artistic use and interpretation of digital technology has become a successful vehicle for techno-scientific critique as well as for conveying technological potential and/or scientific ideas to a public at large. We are looking for proposals for new works which address and respond to convergent ecologies and examine the digital as a converging factor. We consider anything with a physical and digital aspect at the same time as hybrid matter and thus an actor in a hybrid ecology. Hybrid ecology references the convergence of the physical and digital world.

Hybrid ecology constitutes itself on the one hand by a technologically informed physical environment and on the other hand by a digital communication environment and is unfolded through the multiple interactions of its elements and actors in physical and digital spaces. The actors in the hybrid ecology can include biological organisms, networks, machines, things, products like goods, trash and waste or landscapes as well as environmental events and processes. Actors can be of biological, technological, environmental, mineral or hybrid origin. For example a genetically altered organism is of technological, even digital origin but biological in matter. This notion permits to expand the traditional concepts of environment and ecology. It allows us to rethink our relation to the world and to leave the romantic concept of nature behind in favour of an integral approach.

HYBRID MATTERs Symposium video documentation
07 Dec 2016
HYBRID MATTERs Symposium video documentation now online >>>